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The Problem with Plastics with Liz Bonnin

Sunday 24 February, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Suitability: 14 Yrs

£14 / £12 concession

Science and wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin examines one of the biggest environmental threats facing the modern world. As science reveals the full extent of the ocean plastic crisis, she investigates the obstacles that must be overcome as a matter of urgency to solve it. 
The reaction to the plastic crisis by the British public has been remarkable. But as a consumer Liz wants to explore what needs to be done to turn off the plastic tap at the source. Why is only 11% of plastic recycled globally? Why are billions of dollars still being invested in new plastic factories around the world? How does plastic in our food web affect human health?
Bonnin is a science, wildlife and natural history presenter, who has worked on television in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. She is also a biochemist and Wild Animal Biologist. She is best known for presenting wildlife and science programmes including Galapagos, How the Earth Works, Stargazing Live and Should We Close Our Zoos?
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Whitla Hall
Queen\'s University
Belfast BT7 1NN