Natural World

Digby - The Biggest Dog in the World (1973)

Saturday 16 February
12.00pm (Film), 1.45 - 2.45pm (Workshop)

Suitability: 5-10 Yrs

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Free (£3 supplement for workshop)

Part of Strand Arts Centre’s weekly Strand Saturdays activities. The film is followed by a dog (and pet therapy) themed workshop. Woof!
Young Billy is told he can’t keep Digby, the loveable Old English sheepdog he’s brought back from the dogs’ home. Then, while being looked after by Billy’s scientist neighbour Jeff, Digby drinks a top-secret growth formula - and soon the mutt has reached enormous proportions. As the army is brought in, Billy and Jeff race against time to save their shaggy pal. This comedy-adventure succeeds due to its innocent daftness and, with the like of Spike Milligan, Jim Dale and Victor Spinetti, its solid roster of Brit-com talent.
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